Bursa business world, participating in InnoTrans 2014 Fair, returned home

Bursa business world, participating in the InnoTrans 2014 Fair, returned to the country: The 'International Railway Technologies, Systems and Vehicles Fair (InnoTrans 2014) organized in Berlin, the capital of Germany within the scope of the Global Fair Agency project of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). added business world representatives returned to Bursa.

Bursa business world, the world's largest organization in the field of the InnoTrans fair took under the spotlight. BTSO's one of the 16 macro project, one of the first fair to be lifted within the scope of the Global Fair Agency Project, Bursa companies went to the private aircraft, rail systems in the last place in technology examined the technology. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Ersan Aslan, Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, BTSO Assembly President Remzi Topuk, BTSO Board Member Emin Akça and 150. Market place in the market The heads of departments and consultants of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology met with the businessmen of Bursa and listened to the demands and sadness of the sector.

The companies added to the InnoTrans Fair held every two years at ExpoCenter received important information about the innovations in rail transport, equipment and systems. Bursa business representatives, Turkey is a country found to 55 2 from 758 thousand companies attended the fair 3 full day I took a chance during investigations. Bursa protocol also visited 5 company in Bursa. Durmazlar Machinery, Sazcılar and Hüroğlu Automotive and Laspar company BURULAŞ'ın stand touring the delegation, TCDD'ın also visited the booth, General Manager Süleyman Karaman exchanged thoughts.

Karaloğlu, BTSO's Global Fair Agency Project, the organization carried out by the business world, pointing to the successful, thanked the successful organization.

Science, Industry and Technology Ministry Undersecretary Ersan Aslan, Bursa explaining that the firm had a nice Removing trade show in Berlin, Global Trade Agency Project expressed that a model plan for Turkey and Bursa.

BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa business world by participating in important events outside the country, the latest news in the sectors of seeing and gave the opportunity to recognize told. Burkay, bir Bursa business world in the InnoTrans fair was a full extraction. The fair was overly productive for our Bursa. Now Bursa is competing with world giants. We have made it possible to see this at İnnoTrans. Bunu

Burkay, with the help of the Global Fair Agency Project, pointed out that the business world has increased its experience outside the country, ın Now, Bursa business world is competing with world giants. This is something that gives pride to Bursa and Turkey. Our companies in Bursa cooperate with the most famous companies in the world, the signature works. Inno Trans Fair also provided the companies in Bursa with a clearer view of the news in their sector. As BTSO, we will continue to meet the companies of Bursa with the world's biggest fair organizations. We want to increase our business experience beyond our country. Until the end of the year, close to a thousand 200 company is aiming to bring together international fairs. I would like to thank all the companies of Bursa for their contributions to the İnnoTrans Fair Organization. İn

BTSO Parliament Speaker Remzi Topuk, Bursa institutions in the Inno Trans fair opportunities to catch good, he said.

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