Flooding moments in the lift at the Metrobus stop

Frightening moments in the overpass elevator at the Metrobus stop: An old couple was trapped in the elevator at the Çağlayan Metrobus Stop.
Approximately two hours stranded double airless staff on the elevator glass broke broke. Then the fire crews, the old couple saved by the stairs extended.

After the elevator disaster in Çağlayan recently, a similar incident took place at the metrobus stop today. This time there was no fear and the old couple was rescued from the elevator where they were stuck.

The incident occurred at the time of the elevator Xnumx in the elevator located at the metrobus stop Caglayan. Nurgül Yalçın and Doğan Yalçın were stranded in a double elevator. The couple was stranded in the elevator for about two hours and suffered a great panic.

The panic was increased with the end of the air in the elevator, the officers broke the windows of the elevator and allowed the couple to breathe. Meanwhile, Nurgül Çakır, who was left without air in the elevator, suffered fatalities. The firefighters were dispatched to the scene. The fire crew on the elevator with the elderly couple took the stairs with the elevator.

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