Visually impaired citizen fell into the wagons when he wanted to ride the subway

Visually impaired citizen fell into the wagons when he wanted to ride the subway: In Bursa, a visually impaired person fell between the two cars by a driver who hurriedly tried to ride the metro. The incident was reflected in the security cameras on the station.

Interestingly, at noon, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company, Burulaş, was located at BursaRay Şehreküstü Station. A visually impaired passenger began to wait for the train to Uludag University. With the arrival of the train to the visually impaired citizen towards the wagons rushed someone who rushed. With the impact of the collision, the visually impaired fell into the gap between the two wagons. When the watman who was aware of the incident did not move the train, the citizens took the young man who fell between the wagons. The wounded young man who was taken out with the help of citizen station officials removed from the railways, was taken to Bursa State Hospital after the first intervention of 112 Emergency Service Ambulance officers. Security cameras in the station reflected in the incident, the citizens are trying to remove the young people falling on the rails.

On the other hand, last 1 September day BursaRay Gokdere Station in the incident occurred in the person of an 50, BursaRay train near the station suddenly approached the station, the rider on the track suddenly fell on the rails Atilla Poyraz, emergency braking had managed to stop the train by pressing the emergency brake.

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