Gebze - İzmir Highway construction continues at full throttle

Gebze - İzmir Highway construction continues at full speed: 46% of the works in the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, which also includes Bursa, have been completed.
Turkey's most important projects in the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, 46 percent of the work has been completed in the receiving portion of Bursa. 10 million dollars are spent daily for the 4 billion dollar project.
Bursa Governor Munir Karaloglu organized a tour together with the AK Party deputy of Bursa Mustafa Öztürk to examine the construction of the suspension bridge on the Gebze-Orhangazi- İzmir Highway Project which will reduce the time between Istanbul and İzmir to 3.5 hours. Before the trip, Governor Karaloğlu came together with the Regional Director of the Public Private Partnership and received a briefing about the works. Ismail Kartal Regional Director of Highways Public Private Sector Partnership, the project 384 mile highway and 49 mileage connection, including the total length of the 433 kilometers, said the studies continued at full speed.
Noting that the total 10 billion-dollar project is larger than the 50 country's annual budget, Kartal underlined that the project is spent $ 4 million per day.
İsmail Kartal, in the first stage, said that the foundations of the tower caisson in the dry dock at the Suspended Bridge South Construction Site were built, he said:
“The tower anchorage base and tie beam manufacturing works have been completed on the tower foundations placed in their final positions. The suspension bridge steel tower blocks were assembled on July 8 this year. The height of 80 meters from sea level was reached during assembly works. In addition, the suspension bridge deck, main cable steel manufacturing and special bridge components manufacturing works continue in accordance with the work schedule.
Samanlı Tunnel in both tubes in the excavation work that completed the Eagle, said:
“The level of 94 percent has been reached in tunnel arch concrete works. The pile works in the entrance and exit portals of the Selçukgazi Tunnel have been completed and tunnel excavation works have started. 22 meters progress was achieved. In the Belkahve Tunnel, tunnel excavation work continues in 4 mirrors in the entrance and exit areas, a total of 860 meters have been progressed.
In the North and South Approach Viaducts, the 253 meters long Northern Approach Viaduct was completed at the head beam level. On the other hand, elevation and deck assembly works continue at the South Approach Viaduct, which is 380 meters long. Works are progressing rapidly in a total of 14 viaducts in the Gebze-Bursa and Kemalpaşa junction-İzmir part. Earthworks, large and small art structures manufacturing works are continuing in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa and Kemalpaşa Separation-İzmir Section. Grounding works continue at various kilometers. "
Stating that the construction works of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project, which has been calculated for 7 years to be completed, in the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, Gebze-Gemlik section and Kemalpaşa junction-İzmir part, Kartal said that it is aimed to be completed by the end of 2015. The project may be extended to 2016 due to the difficulties that may be experienced. However, it is aimed to be realized in the first 2016 months of 6 ”.
Noting that as of today, 46 percent physical realization has been achieved in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa and Kemalpaşa Separation - İzmir sections, and said, “A realization at the level of 36 percent has been achieved in the entire highway. “As of today, a total of 1.63 billion Turkish lira has been spent on the project, with 1.41 billion dollars spent by the company and 5.17 billion liras on expropriation by the administration,” he said.
Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu pointed out that Bursa is at the center of the road and that it connects Bursa to Istanbul and Izmir and said:
“There is no problem in expropriation either. This country spends 8 million lira per day without getting from the public budget. This makes us very happy, this is a great effort. The project continues at full speed without any problems.

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