The tender for the construction of the metrobus line between the station and Tekkeköy has reached the final stage.

Samsun Metrobus Line Project The final stage has been reached in the preparation works for the construction of the metrobus line between Gar - Tekkeköy.

New developments have been made regarding the “Metro - Bus Line Project between Gar - Tekkeköy” which will be realized by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine, preparatory work on the project in question has also reached the final stage. After the completion of the works, a tender announcement will be made regarding infrastructure construction works and vehicle supply.
The officials we interviewed noted that a loan was provided from Iller Bank and a market research was carried out regarding vehicle supply.
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1159 / 09 Interval 2013 (OK)

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