Value of Historical Buildings of TCDD in Ereğli Kazanwill be called

Value of Historical Buildings of TCDD in Ereğli Kazan: Konya's Ereğli District Mayor Özkan Özgüven said that the warehouses and idle lands belonging to the TCDD Ereğli Station Directorate will be evaluated.

President Özgüven, together with his team, visited the warehouse and idle lands in the morning and gave information about the works to be done. President Özgüven stated that they will carry out a work in accordance with the spirit of the railway on lands on an area of ​​​​approximately 50 thousand square meters, “The State Railway is an institution that serves our people with the history of the Republic. We are visiting the idle lands that are used as warehouses within the Ereğli Station Directorate. Yesterday, we made attempts to evaluate warehouses and lands at the General Directorate of TCDD in Adana and previously at the Ministry of Transport. TCDD welcomes the initiatives we will make as a public. And these lands to Eregli kazanWe continue to work on the removal. With the work we will do here, we will make Eregli breathe. As you can see, there are historical buildings here. Since this area is a protected area, no construction or development is allowed here. The historical buildings here have a nostalgic structure. By realizing a social work in line with this structure, we will provide a service that is in line with the spirit of the railway and will make its name known outside of Ereğli with its difference. In short, we will undertake a work that our people will remember this place in the future. I would like to thank our Station Manager, TCDD Regional and General Manager, and our Deputy Cem Zorlu for their great effort and effort in the realization of this project.”

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