ELADER Meeting was held at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel

ELADER Meeting was held in CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel: President of the Board of Electric Vehicle Information Association Av. Osman Ataman: "Turkey's Intelligent Transportation and E-Mobility Vision and Strategy Action Plan Preparation Need."
Electric Vehicle Information Association (ELADER) Chairman of the Board Av. Osman Ataman: "Turkey's intelligent transport and e-mobility vision and strategy to prepare an action plan and must implement," he said.
ELADER President Av. Osman Ataman, where he met with the leading representatives of the automotive media sohbet At the meeting, the Electric Vehicles Information Association announced its establishment purpose, targets and ongoing studies. “The process will develop faster if all political circles and public administrations are in full vision and cooperation on this issue, which concerns the environment, the future, and the current account deficit. arrangements made in electric vehicle tax, Turkey has removed a major obstacle in. We believe that the brand and model options that will increase in the near future in electric vehicles and the widespread use of the charging station infrastructure will turn the attention of the automobile user into a result. ”Ataman said:“ In 2020, there will be 8 million electric vehicles and nearly 1 million charging stations in Western Europe. France, which has approximately 30 thousand EA (electric vehicles) today, will continue to lead with 2 million vehicles; It is estimated that 1 million 600 thousand EA in England, 1 million 200 thousand in Germany and 800 thousand EA in the Netherlands. As automotive manufacturers in Turkey in the same period of planned models also take into account the number of about 600 100 thousand to rise today it will be possible. In addition, domestic production initiatives continue and successful results are known. By the 2030s, it is predicted that the share of EA in vehicle parks in countries will push 50 percent. " said.
Urban Intelligent Transportation Model is in progress
Smart grid transformation recently that Turkey's electricity distribution network and benefit from the increase in the share of renewable energy sources would also draw attention to the positive steps Ataman; He continued: ım What is needed is the extension of public transport systems in the city, 'continue parking sistem and the vehicle sharing system integrated into the collective transport. Electric vehicles are an important promises a new vision and efficiency in intra-city mobility to Turkey in this respect.
The fact that electric vehicles are a city car especially in the near term is an indication of the mission they will carry in the smart urban transportation model. Today, the intersection points of the underground and surface rail systems developing in metropolitan and major cities, especially in Istanbul, should be enriched in such a way that close distance transportation is complemented by electric vehicles. In fact, the national rail system, which advanced as France and Spain, Turkey also 5 the world in the near term. This vision is even more important given that it targets the Great High Speed ​​Train network. For this purpose, we are in vision negotiations with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Bu
They must be in a Leading Electric Vehicle in Turkey Rolde
advanced automotive manufacturing and supply industry in Turkey, depending automotive expert and qualified human resources are available. This new brand of Turkey in terms of production and points out that it is a realistic basis in domestic production. not comply with the hinterland market in the country and even Turkey can gain an important role in electric vehicle production. Some of the important steps taken in this direction have already cost the public. Bu
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure is a National Issue
Elad Chairman Osman Ataman, in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure is inadequate, pointing out that the current situation in Turkey; Var There are very important work to be done on the infrastructure of charging stations. Our country, which is a tourism country and has set important brand cities and destination tourism targets in this direction, is still a lack of implementation in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, Adalar, Antalya and Bodrum. Local governments have to realize a new sense of environment in their own vehicle fleets. It is time to foresee the beginning of the urban transformation and electric vehicle charging infrastructures in the projects of new cities, highways and city hospitals. We started to explain the world practices in this direction to the relevant institutions, we will continue to persist and follow the result. Bu
Charging Station Management is an Important Equity of Technology and Energy Integration
Osman Ataman stated that the operation of the electric vehicle charging station is such an important sector that it will not be an 'opportunity to take advantage' and 'enthusiasm': The most expensive part of electric vehicles is the battery.
Just as we get the fuel we take from our petrol or diesel vehicle, if we are paying attention not to damage our vehicle and wallet, we will also charge our electric vehicle with the same concerns with the technology, the quality of the electricity and the accuracy of the meter, from the stations of the ıza country operator ıza that we trust. There will be no local operators on the mobile phone and there will be no local scale charging on the phone. While you are coming from Ankara to Istanbul, you have to set out on the route without the risk of staying on the road. In fact, after you have passed Edirne, which country you go with the operator may be the reason for preference. Turkey in charge of different operators in public areas today serve a total of about 100 service station belonging to the company. This number should be increased to 2020 by 10.000. Bu
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