Communiqué on local production of railways (Official Gazette)

Notification of domestic goods in railways: LOCAL FINANCIAL COMMUNICATION IN EFFECTIVENESS

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13 September 2014 Official Official Journal
Number: 29118
From the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology:


Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Communiqué is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the determination and certification of the goods offered by the tenderers in the procurement of goods to be applied under the Public Procurement Law dated 4 / 1 / 2002 and 4734.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Communiqué has been prepared based on paragraph (d) of the first paragraph of Article 4734 of the Law No. 63.
Definitions and abbreviations

ARTICLE 3 - (1) In this Communiqué;

  1. a) Ministry: Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology,
  2. b) Stock Exchange: Trade exchanges,
  3. c) Expert: The person designated by the chamber / stock market or an expert in the relevant departments of the universities,
    ç) Administration: The institutions and organizations within the scope of the Law no. 4734
  4. d) Tenderer: The supplier who bids for the procurement of goods,
  5. e) Room: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen,
  6. f) TESKA: Turkey Confederation of Tradesmen and Artisans,
  7. g) TOBB: Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey,
    ğ) Domestic goods certificate: The document indicating that the goods offered by the tenderers are the domestic goods in the procurement of goods to be held in accordance with the Public Procurement Law numbered 4734,

Domestic goods

ARTICLE 4 - (1) In order for industrial products to be considered as domestic goods, the following conditions are required:
1. a) Produced by industrial enterprises having Industrial Registration Certificate issued by Ministry and taking place in m Production Subject mel in Industrial Registry Document.
1. b) Fully Recently substantial labor and actions to be done in Turkey the important stages of the manufacturing process or the products obtained necessary and economically produced in Turkey.
1. c) The domestic contribution rate of the product is at least% 51.
(2) In order for food and agricultural products to be considered as domestic goods, the following conditions are required:
1. a) Produced by operators with a Business Register or Approval Certificate issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.
1. b) completely in Turkey produced / grown or the product obtained at the last step of the manufacturing process based on important and necessary labor and economically be done in Turkey's action.
1. c) Farmer Registration System Certificate for agricultural products or production of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock by the companies having the relevant Registration Document (Covering Register System and so on).
(3) vegetable products harvested in Turkey, born and bred live animals and products derived from them in Turkey, bred and hunted aquaculture in Turkey is considered domestic goods. These raw agriculture outside, animal husbandry and aquaculture, totally acceptable production or of the important stages of the production process and economic latest essential aspects of the necessary labor and domestic goods on condition that the actions being carried out in Turkey in Turkey.
(4) with mineral and mining products extracted in Turkey first, second and third paragraph except in belirtilenür, or with other products not fit into any of these categories; veyaüret process completely produced in Turkey of the important stages of the last substantial economically necessary and workmanship and action is acceptable provided that domestic goods made in Turkey.
(5) The conditions listed in sub-paragraphs (a) and (c) of the first paragraph shall also be sought in order to be considered as an industrial product from the products listed in the second, third or fourth paragraphs.
(6) In accordance with the legislation on free zones and customs legislation, products produced by enterprises operating in the free zone are accepted as domestic goods provided that the necessary conditions in this Communiqué on domestic goods criteria are met.

Domestic contribution rate

ARTICLE 5 - (1) The domestic contribution rate is calculated by the manufacturer in accordance with the following formula. The documents containing the account of the local contribution rate are verified and signed by the expert in the technical aspect and the financial account by the free accountant, the independent accountant or the certified public accountant, and confirmed and signed in terms of the accuracy of the calculation and the compliance with the official records. The document containing the account of the domestic contribution rate shall be delivered to the relevant room / stock exchange which shall issue the domestic goods certificate in the annex of a signature signed by the person (s) authorized by the person or persons authorized to represent and / or represent the producer or producer in the event of a contrary determination. .
Final Product Cost Amount (TL) - Imported Input Cost Amount in the New Product (TL)
Domestic Contributions = —————————————————————————————————————————— x100
Final Product Cost Amount (TL)
(2) The following items are taken into account in the calculation of domestic and imported input costs which constitute the final product:
1. a) Direct and indirect material costs used.
2. b) Direct and indirect labor costs.
3. c) Product overheads.
(3) Origin control is made about whether imported inputs are imported and input is included in imported input calculation.
(4) In the calculation of the imported input amount, the import price of the imported input to the factory and the exchange rate of the Central Bank at the delivery date are taken into account.
(5) The domestic contribution rate, which is controlled and approved by the relevant chamber / stock market, is included in the local property document.
(6) Trade secret information provided by the manufacturer to the room / stock in the calculation of the local contribution rate cannot be disclosed or given to anyone other than the legal authorities and cannot be used for the purpose of providing benefit or harm to themselves or others. In this context, it is obliged to take all kinds of measures in order to ensure the protection of information and documents related to the chamber / stock market and trade secrets.

Certificate of domestic goods

ARTICLE 6 - (1) Domestic goods certificate is issued by TOBB or TESK affiliated chamber / stock, in which the manufacturer is registered.
(2) Standard form is used for domestic goods. The standard form of the Proof of Property shall contain at least the following information:
1. a) Date of issue and validity of the certificate.
2. b) Manufacturer's title, contact information (business address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail address).
3. c) Manufacturer's Tax ID Number, TC ID Number, Central Registry Registration Number.
ç) Industrial Registration Number, Trade Registry Number / Trades Register Number and room / stock registration number.
1. d) Date, number and effective date of the capacity report.
2. e) Product name, brand name, model, serial number, type, Customs Tariff Statistics Position Number.
3. f) Date, number and effective date information for the documents listed in the second paragraph of Article 4.
4. g) Domestic contribution rate.
i) Technology level of the product (low / medium-low / medium-high / high).
1. h) Serial number of the production receipt or invoice and the name, date, type, group and number of the mining license.
(i) Name and surname of the signer, the name and seal of the document / stock exchange organizer.
1. i) Other information and documents related to certification criteria.
(3) In accordance with the standard form of the domestic goods certificate, the commitment is determined by TOBB and TESK by the appropriate opinion of the Ministry.
(4) The validity period of domestic goods is one year from the date of issue.
(5) Information about the local property documents is kept in a database prepared by TOBB and TESK and accessed via web.
(6) Information about the local material is submitted to the Ministry by TOBB and TESK every six months.


ARTICLE 7 - (1) Implementation principles for the certification procedures to be performed in accordance with this Communiqué are determined by TOBB and TESK with the opinion of the Ministry. In the calculation of the domestic contribution rate, which documents are to be taken into account are specified in the principles of this practice.
(2) To be used for the goods offered by the tenderers other than the manufacturer; The manufacturer can reproduce the domestic goods document in accordance with the original and present it with the product. However, it must be validated by the manufacturer and validated by the relevant room / stock exchange where the document submitted with the product is issued.
(3) In case a manufacturer makes production / purchase abroad, a certificate of domestic goods is not issued. However, in case of production of the production in the name and brand of another person in the country, the product that produces the product shall be issued.
(4) If there is any doubt about whether the requested product has the requirements of the domestic goods listed in Article 4, it is determined by the expert assigned by the relevant chamber / stock.
(5) For each product can be given as a separate document, a single domestic goods document for multiple products can be issued. In this case, information about each product is included in the document of domestic goods.
(6) Related room / by stock exchange; intermediate control can be done on the basis of manufacturer to determine whether the criteria are preserved after the issuance of the domestic goods document. If it is determined that the criteria of domestic goods are not protected, the certificate of domestic goods shall be canceled.
(7) Domestic products are not issued for the products imported from abroad and formed by simple assembly in domestic.


ARTICLE 8 - (1) Appraiser, freelance accountant, independent accountant or public accountant with regard to the tenderer presenting the relevant document / stock exchange and the document to the contracting authority and the general provisions and / or 4734 they are responsible under the relevant provisions.


ARTICLE 9 - (1) The Ministry is authorized to carry out audits regarding the implementation of this Communiqué.

Transition process

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1 - (1) Domestic goods certificates issued by TOBB or TESK in accordance with the General Tender General Communiqué of 22 / 8 / 2009 published in the Official Gazette dated 27327 / XNUMX and XNUMX before the effective date of this Communiqué. valid until the end of the period.


ARTICLE 10 - (1) This Communiqué enters into force on the date of publication.
ARTICLE 11 - (1) The provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.

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