Bursaray's claim that the wagon tender is delayed

The claim of Bursaray that the wagon tender was delayed: It was claimed that the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality did not open a wagon tender for Bursaray in time.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe'nin Metropolitan Municipality Council at the last meeting in order to increase the number of scholarships to prepare the tender to go to the tender, the construction of the tender delayed by the construction engineer Necati Sahin criticized by. V We were amazed by the words of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, K said Şahin. However, with the construction of the rail system to be built from the beginning, the signaling and wagon tender should be realized simultaneously. Following the construction and signalization, the wagons were even lowered and the system would start working. İnşaat

X The delivery time of the wagons to be awarded will find 2-3 year “
Şahin, p What did our Metropolitan Municipality administration do? It just did the construction; without the signalization of the Rotterdam subways green vehicles to paint the Arabayatağı-Kestel line began to operate. These wagons without any technical infrastructure to expedite expedition is an amateur, rooky eye-painting that does not suit the city administration. The municipality of the municipality was awarded to the local people without air conditioning. He often has a breakdown or accident because of scrap wagons, but he is hiding from Bursali. Moreover, the delivery time of the wagons to be auctioned will be found in 2-3 year and the wagons will meet with the line even though the line is finished. The Metropolitan Municipality tries to mislead our people with a perception management that plays only on the bleachers and makes fun of our people's intelligence. But they should know that they are aware of this. '' He said.

”The sufferers of wrong decisions are attracted by the citizens“
Edi Because of the wrong management decisions due to the transportation of railways in the Bursa suffered great trouble ı Sahin, scrap wagons used in the line of security passengers experienced in Araabatagi-Kestel line, despite all these warnings, even without air conditioning, old wagons continued to be used, he said. Sahin, dü 2,5 minutes, the system should be within the range, wrong business scenarios, wrong project modifications and timely unloaded wagons 15-20 minutes until the carrying capacity fell down to 23'ların capacity. Bursalii suffered the ordeal of the wagon tender which was not carried out in time. V

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  1. There is nothing other than criticism on the necati hawk s bursa rail system.