Bus Station-Campus rail line was re-opened

The bus station-campus rail line was re-opened: the maintenance work on the rail system line between the bus station and the campus was completed. The line was re-opened.

The line maintenance work started by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on Wednesday, 25 June at level crossings on the rail system line between Bus Station and Campus was completed yesterday.

Due to the study, the trams between the Bus Station and Campus could not serve for a while. During this period, transportation in the part where the work was done was provided by buses. The tram service between the bus station and Alaeddin continued on its normal course.

In the studies that lasted approximately 2,5 months, the line was adapted to European Union transport standards. By reducing the boarding height in the stops, it was ensured that people with disabilities were able to ride more easily.

With the completion of the works, the line has been re-opened from now on.



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