Bilecik high-speed train works in full swing

Bilecik high-speed train works continue at full speed: 733. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who attended the commemoration of Ertuğrul Gazi and the Söğüt Yörük Festival, visited the Şeyh Edebali Tomb in Bilecik.

Evaluating the high-speed train works, Davutoğlu said: “I received information about two important projects that Bilecik followed very closely. We instructed our Minister of Transport in this regard. One is that the line with the high speed train station in Bilecik is connected with the environment. He will be taken to this program and project as soon as possible. I hope this will be completed when we come to the Söğüt festival next year. Again, some legal problems arose on the Bilecik-Yenişehir road, which I know that the people of Bilecik have been following for a long time. We gave the necessary instructions for its completion as soon as possible. Will be tendered again, as soon as possible. Bilecik-Yenişehir line will also be completed. I also listened to the problems with our Bilecik and gave quick instructions on the steps regarding these problems. May Allah allow these values ​​to live on this land forever and ever. May Allah not show the invasion again like the occupation that took place here just before the War of Independence.

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