Minister Elvan Siirtte participated in the meeting of the Regional Directorate of Highways

Minister Elvan Attended the Meeting of the Regional Directorate of Highways in Siirt: Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, came to Siirt to hold talks.
Elvan from Batman by the road, arriving in Siirt to 21.00 Minister, passed to the Barden Hotel to attend the meeting of the Regional Directorate of Highways. Minister Elvan, AK Party Deputy Chairman in charge of Foreign Affairs in front of the hotel. Dr. Yasin Aktay, Governor of Siirt Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, AK Party deputies in Siirt Afif Demirkiran, Osman Oren, Ak Party Siirt Provincial Chairman Fevzi Dear and other members of the protocol was met.
Minister Elvan, said in a statement, imiz today here we will address the problems of our city. Specifically, what kind of solution suggestions can you bring for road transportation? we will talk about it. Tomorrow we will participate in the Sun incident program following the morning prayer, there will be both the gratitude of the rightful Abraham and the tomb of Ismail Fakirullah. Later in the morning we will listen to the problems of the province with the NGOs in Siirt. In this context, we will complete our contacts after participating in the academic opening ceremony of the university Bu.
Expressing his pleasure for the visit of Minister Elvan, Aktay said, “We would like to welcome our minister for a longer period of time. For this purpose, I welcome them to the people of Siirt, Bu he said.
General Director of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan, 9. Regional Director Şamil Gülen, Regional Directorate of Highways and branch supervisors attended the meeting which was closed to the press.
Minister Elvan will meet with the NGOs in Siirt tomorrow and listen to the problems of the city. After participating in the academic opening year of Siirt University Siirt will leave.

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