Uninterrupted communication from Turkcell to Eurasia Tunnel project

Uninterrupted communication from Turkcell in the Eurasia Tunnel project: Turkcell has carried all the facilities of the mobile communication facility for the construction of the Bosphorus Road Tube Pass, known as the Eurasia Tunnel Project, to underground and carried its experience of coverage in the Marmaray Project. Approximately 250 staff working in the project can communicate seamlessly with Turkcell's mobile phone and internet infrastructure.
Asia and under the European side of the seabed that will connect with the passing of a highway tunnel in 14,6-kilometer project, first applied in Turkey "mobile antenna" with the method progresses from excavations Turkcell is provided to remain at the same level of network service quality.
Mobile traffic occurred first
4 in the Eurasian Tunnel in the month of May to the date of 280.000 minutes Turkcell network was talking about, 238 GB data was consumed. A short message (SMS) was sent to the 42.800 units in the tunnel.
In the project, mobile communication coverage is provided by the antenna placed on the 130 meter long tunnel digging machine along with the fixed points on the ground surface. This Turkcell moving antenna personel on the machine, which is progressing by tunneling the 8-10 meters in a day, is connected to the fixed communication unit on the earth via fiber optic cable and ensures that the personnel access to the Turkcell network even under the sea floor.
Bülent Elönü, Assistant General Manager in charge of Network Operations, said in his statement on the subject:
Alar We are pleased to see that the works for the Eurasia Tunnel, which will ease the intensity of traffic in Istanbul, continue rapidly. As Turkcell, we took a first in Turkey to ensure uninterrupted communication during the construction of the tunnel: We receive communication both with each other and with the outside staff with our device on the excavation machine as well as guaranteeing coverage of the mobile which is very important in terms of job security. Ground surface and underground stations will work at full capacity until construction is completed Yer



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