850 meters of Eurasia Tunnel drilled

850 meters of the Eurasia Tunnel has been drilled: In the Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing), which is expected to reduce the distance between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe to 15 minutes, the tunnel boring machine "Caterpillar" has excavated the soil from approximately 25 meters below the floor of the Bosphorus and to 850 meters by creating the inner walls. has been reached.

The works on the Haydarpaşa construction site of the Eurasia Tunnel were viewed by Anadolu Agency (AA). The Eurasia Tunnel aims to reduce the travel time between the Asian and European sides by up to 100 minutes by significantly reducing the travel time in Istanbul, where heavy traffic is effective.

The tunnel, built to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, reached a height of 13,7 meters by digging the soil and forming interior walls approximately 25 meters below the floor of the Bosphorus with the tunnel boring machine "Tirtil" with an excavation diameter of 850 meters.

In total it will have a length of 14,6 kilometers

The Eurasia Tunnel Project will be located at a depth of 106,4 meters in the Bosphorus. 3,34 kilometers left to be excavated in the Eurasia Tunnel, which is 2,5 kilometers under the sea.

Within the scope of the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which is also referred to as Marmaray's brother, which will bring the Asian and European sides together, 422 white-collar, 628 blue-collar workers and 56 construction equipment are currently working.

Link tunnels are being constructed, existing roads are being expanded

In addition to the works under the Bosphorus for the Eurasia Tunnel, the preparations continue on the connecting tunnels, Kennedy Caddesi, the exit point of the "Caterpillar" on the European Side. Preparations are underway to improve and expand the existing roads on both the European and Asian sides, and to build under and overpasses and pedestrian crossings suitable for the use of the disabled. In the Eurasia Tunnel, where work safety is of great importance, attention is paid to occupational safety in the giant tunnel boring machine "Caterpillar".

AA team was given training on what to do in case of an emergency, both before the construction site entrance and in the shelter room in “Tirtil”.

Eurasia Tunnel toll, 4 dollar + VAT for cars and 6 for vans + VAT will be paid in Turkish Lira.

The project, financed by the build-operate-transfer model, is carried out by the Eurasia Tunnel Management Construction and Investment Inc. (ATAŞ), established by Yapı Merkezi and SK E & C, one of the leading companies in South Korea, with an investment of approximately 1,3 billion dollars.

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