Eurasia Tunnel witnesses a principle in mobile communication

The Eurasia Tunnel is witnessing a principle of mobile communication: the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel, which is one of the projects implemented to ease the traffic density of Istanbul and facilitate the transition between the two sides, continues.
The total length of the tunnel planned to be cultivated per 2017 reaches 14,6 kilometers. Approximately 5,4 km of the project consists of two-storey tunnels and other methods that will be constructed with a special technology under the sea.
Mobile communication is vitally important in the work carried out by 250 personnel. Uninterrupted communication can be established with the mobile communication and mobile internet infrastructure provided by Turkcell in tunnel constructions. Tunnel in the mobile communications and Internet coverage for the first time applied in Turkey "mobile antenna" method is applied. Thanks to this method, as the tunnel progresses, the communication antennas also advance and the network service quality remains at the same level at every stage of construction.
In the project, mobile communication coverage is provided by the antenna placed on the 130 meter long tunnel digging machine along with the fixed points on the ground surface. This deniz moving antenna ün on the machine, which is progressing rapidly by tunneling the 8-10 meters per day, connects to the stationary communication unit on the earth via fiber optic cable and enables the personnel to communicate even under the sea floor. The ground surface and underground stations provided by Turkcell will work at full capacity until the construction is completed.

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