Light rail system referendum in Antalya

Light rail system referendum in Antalya: A mini referendum was held in 2016 neighborhoods in Muratpaşa, Kepez and Aksu districts for the project that is planned to extend the existing rail system in Antalya to Aksu, where EXPO 20 will be established. The people went to the ballot box and made their choice with "yes" or "no" ballot papers.

The project envisaged to extend the existing light rail system, which starts from Kepez Fatih District to Muratpaşa Meydan Mahallesi, which serves approximately 11.5 kilometers, to Aksu, where EXPO 2016 Antalya will be held, was asked to the citizen. For the referendum in Muratpaşa district Kızıltoprak, Meydankavağı, Mehmetçik, Agriculture, Topçular, Yeşilova, Yenigöl, Yeşilköy, Göksu in Kepez, Altınova Sinan, Cihadiye in Aksu, Güzelyurt, Soğucaksu, Konak, Hacıaliler, Paste, Barbaros, Çalkaya, Solak, Pınarlı ballot boxes were established for mukhtars in their neighborhoods. Citizens started to vote from 61 in the neighborhoods where 365 thousand 09.00 people live.

In the voting process, which will continue until 17.00:XNUMX, citizens made their choices with the ballot papers written in white 'I want the rail system yes' and dark colored 'I do not want the rail system, no'.


In the referendum held for the Antalya Light Rail System, which serves at a distance of 11.5 kilometers between Fatih and Meydana neighborhoods, in the case of "yes", another 16-kilometer route will be added. The line, which will be extended from Meydan to the area where EXPO 2016 Antalya will be held, will also be connected to the airport.

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