Antalya rail system referendum yes output

Yes came out of the Antalya rail system referendum: Voting procedures in 20 neighborhoods on the EXPO Square Rail System Route ended at 17.00. The ballot box committees, consisting of a headman, a member and a municipality official, counted the votes and took minutes. As a result of the counts in 20 neighborhoods, the people of Antalya said "yes" to the rail system.

8 thousand 77 people attended the voting held in the neighborhoods of Muratpaşa, Kepez and Aksu districts. 18 votes were deemed invalid in the census. While 8 thousand 631 of the valid votes said "yes" to the rail system, 128 votes were "no". The rate of those who said 'We want a Rail System' was 98,34 percent.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, the vote is above the expected interest, he said. Türel said that they would continue to ask the public for the projects to be implemented.



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