Alstom factory looking for domestic partner

Alstom is looking for local partners factories: Turkey railway system projects in Africa and the Middle East that Alstom's engineering base, will build a factory now. The French investment company started the negotiations for partnership with local companies, Turkey will do well in the production base

French of the world's leading rail manufacturer Alstom Transport, has started negotiations with local firms to set up factories in Turkey. Initially, the company is the production of projects undertaken in Turkey will do this at the factory, the production of long-term projects in the region to start exporting by making targeted iyor here. 23-26 October, the InnoTrans rail systems participating in trade fairs organized in Berlin to promote the company's new project managers, investment plans for Turkey to tell the world market.

Alstom Transport, operating in around 60 countries worldwide; offers railway vehicles, infrastructure information systems, services and turnkey solutions. In the 1950 companies operating in Turkey since, so far, he has scored more than a hundred projects. About two years ago, Turkey's Middle East and African markets engineering base the decision to field Alstom for, while this year's Istanbul, Alstom Transport TIS (Transport Infarmatio Solutions) and has its head office in the region in terms of systems. All signaling and turnkey system projects in Middle East and Africa are being carried out from Istanbul as bid, project management, design, procurement, engineering and service. Turkey's regional center of attention that they made a significant investment in this market the past two years by making Alstom Transport Europe, Middle East and Africa Senior Vice President Gian Luca Erbacc of, "Two years ago we started our engineering office with several people working hundreds of engineers and technicians now. We invested a lot to educate people and create new jobs. 2 has created new jobs in excess of 200 per year. We will continue to increase our investments in Turkey. We are also in search of local partners to establish a factory. Fabrika

The number of domestic suppliers is increasing

In the recent past in Turkey Durmazlar Erbacci pointed out that various train parts started to be produced in the partnership of machinery and emphasized that they also work with different local manufacturers and added, “ Durmazlar We produce the sub-frame of the bogie of the train, one of the most important parts of the cooperation in Turkey. We have developed domestic suppliers for other products. For example, Eskişehir and Balıkesir signal our project we take products from Turkey. We use local subcontractors in projects in Turkey for the moment but it would be nice to benefit from local suppliers for our projects outside of Turkey in the long term, "he said.

Alstom as underlining that local production strategies Erbacc the "TCDD already making an offer regarding our production in Turkey. In Turkey, the new railway engineering procurement, production, Go Go in the purchase and maintenance of domestic products subject to an increasing indigenization have faith. As Alstom, we will comply with this necessity. Biz

Great technology will make the transfer

Alstom Transport Turkey General Manager Arban Çitak also said it has begun negotiations to establish a factory in Turkey, "We are evaluating alternatives. We want to choose the best partner for us ”. Alstom's technology transfer will do great in the first place and factory production Noting that planning for projects in Turkey Çitak, "Our goal is to export to other countries, the factory will be built here," he said.

If you receive the tender YHT Turkey will invest 80 million €

as Alstom YHT in Turkey (High Speed ​​Train) they aspire to project and auctions attention that they too care about Alstom Transport outlines and Loco Platform Vice President Jean-Marc Tessier, "We are preparing to TCDD 90 pieces YHT project and believe that higher our chances," he said. This tender that they would receive if they Tessier production in Turkey, "We are a strong company with local production. If we win the 90 contract of TCDD, we will create at least 5 new jobs at this production stage, which we consider to be about 1000 years. There will also be subcontractors. If we take the project, we will have to invest in a new 80 million euro. Proj

Introduced its newest products in Berlin

Focusing on the wide-ranging passenger experience, commitment to reducing life cycle costs and customer proximity with the products unveiled in Berlin, Alstom launched the Citadis X05. This new tram will offer more opportunities to customers. With new features such as double doors and wide main corridor along the vehicle, customers can now configure their own trams using an i-pad application. Alstom's innovative maintenance solution, HealthHub, allows the customer to check the health of the assets using high-tech data analysis tools such as a train scanner. The latest evolution of the ERTMS [1] range, the Atlas 400 and 500, were also presented at the show, the first scalable ERTMS solutions that can be adapted to traffic requirements and can control networks running 6 to 600 trains per day.


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