Alsancak-Bandırma railway continues to reduce energy consumption

📩 30/11/2018 17:21

The work to reduce energy consumption in Alsancak-Bandırma railway is ongoing: 3. Continuous and Efficient Driving works, which have been continuing for a while in the Regional Directorate, are continuing on trains running between Alsancak and Bandırma under the control of Cer General Directorate and Chief Machinery Engineers under the coordination of Mustafa YILMAZ who is a graduate of Electrical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University and currently works as Inspector of Board of Inspectors.

Considering all the variables in these studies, it is aimed to keep trains in the course of their natural travel periods in the livestock and to keep the energy spent during this journey to a minimum.

In the previous studies on the regional passenger trains operating in the Alsancak-Alaşehir-Uşak and Basman-Nazilli-Denizli lines, the scenarios where the trains can travel with minimum fuel consumption during the course of the course and on both tracks were determined for two different train compositions. These scenarios are tested on the road after the conformity of the same train and same wagon composition of the measurements made by using efficient driving techniques in the application of the Uşak line,% 10, in the line of 20 fuel saving around% XNUMX seen, the same savings between Alsancak and Bandırma. targeted.


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