Alper Hook for the Third Time at EUROFORGE Vice Chair

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Alper Kanca is in the Chair of the Vice Presidency of EUROFORGE for the Third Time: Alper Kanca, one of the leading companies of the Turkish tattoo industry, KANCA Tattoo Steel Inc., is the Vice President of the European Tattooers Association (EUROFORGE) for the third time. undertook. For the first time in Euroforge history, the same board of directors has been elected three times in a row.

European Tattooists Association (EUROFORGE) is a well-known and effective professional organization of Europe, which collects indispensable and important forging parts manufacturers under the same roof in the production of machinery, defense and energy sectors, especially the leading automotive brands of the world. Turkey, after 2000 participated as an observer in the activities Forging European Union (EUROFORG A) What Forging Industry Association in 2006 (DÖVSAD is) officially became a member with.

By 2010, the Turkish tattoo industry gained a respectable place within the EUROFORGE association thanks to its business volume, know-how, technology and exports to Europe. As an indicator of this, Alper Kanca was the first Turkish elected as the Vice President of the European Tattooers Association (EUROFORGE) at the General Assembly held in Brussels in 2010. He was awarded this duty for the second time in October 2012.

Alper KANCA was elected for the third time at the general assembly held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on September 2, 26, as a response to the trust shown in his successful work during this period after his 2014-year term expired.

This success is very important in terms of emphasizing the position of Turkish Automotive suppliers, Turkish supplier industrialists and their acceptance in the international arena. The integration of the Tattoo industry, which is an important supplier of the automotive industry, to Europe, will gain momentum and the tattoo industry will become more known in foreign countries.

Alper KANCA Biography

Born in Trabzon-Sürmene in 1963, he completed his Middle and High School education at Istanbul-Çavuşoğlu College and his Business Administration and Master's Degree at the University of Economics in Vienna.

1991-2007 was the family company of Kanca. After having assumed various responsibilities, he has been the General Manager and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2008.

He has memberships in many professional organizations both in Turkey and abroad. He is on the Board of Directors of the Dövermen Association (Dövsader). Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO) is the vice chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Turkish Vehicle Side Manufacturers (TAYSAD). He is also the Vice Chairman of the TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) and a member of the Board of Directors. Married, two children, speaks German and English.

Brief history of the European Tattoo Association (EUROFORGE): II. After World War II, in 1953, German, British and French tattoo industry associations came together in Scotland and started their infrastructure work to establish a more comprehensive association under the umbrella of Europe. This formation, which matured over time, became official when European country associations met under the roof of EUROFORGE, the foundation of the European Tattooers Association, whose foundation was laid in Paris on 9 November 1961.

Growing with the participation of other European country associations over time, EUROFORGE has become an active position in many areas, covering all Europe, with all types of forging technology, from automotive to aviation, construction equipment to mining, with a new structure.

Today, in the 10th year of its new structure, EUROFORGE; Turkey was included with Europe's most advanced country on a forged more than 350 members of the industrialists, approximately 80.000 employees, 6 million tons of tattoos and represents the volume of the business volume of approximately 15 billion euros. EUROFORGE, which aims to develop the tattoo industry in every field, operates in many fields such as expanding the international tattoo industry network, creating and maintaining fair competition conditions for the members of the tattoo industry between the main industry and the steelmakers, environmental studies, providing statistical information, and expressing sector problems. .

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