Mechanic in Germany goes on warning strike

In Germany, mechanics go on a warning strike: In Germany, where the pilots were on a warning strike last week, now the mechanics are on a warning strike. German Railways-Deutsche Bahn can not get what you want in the German Machinery Association's GDL, today (Monday) will conduct a warning warning in the evening. The strike call made by GDL will be applied across Xnumx: 18: 00: 21, across Germany. For the time being, it is stated that the passenger transportation will be affected by the strike in the area of ​​cargo transportation.

The German Machinery Association's GDL, 37 wants to raise 5 percent for its mechanic and railroad workers around a thousand. GDL's demands include reducing the weekly working time to two hours to 37 hours and arranging working hours.

On the other hand, between the German Railways (WB) and the Railway and Transport Union (ECG), 18 was not able to reach a conclusion from the August negotiations. EVG's demands include a raise of 6 or a minimum increase of 150 Euro per month. Both unions have accused the WB of obstructing negotiations.

If the warning strike fails, it is inevitable for the strike to shift to the passenger transportation area.



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