The final project of the Sivas high-speed train project

The final point of the discussions on the inner city route of Sivas high-speed train project: A delegation from Sivas Municipality met with the officials of the Ministry of Transport to put an end to the issues discussed for a while regarding the high-speed train project that will connect Sivas to Istanbul and to complete the reconstruction revision of the city.

A delegation from the Sivas Municipality held a series of meetings in Ankara to put an end to the ongoing controversy over the inter-city route of the high-speed train project.

Meeting with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Feridun Bilgin Sivas deputies Hilmi Bilgin and Ali Turan also participated in the delegation.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport, the General Director of TCCD Süleyman Karaman, Head of Construction Department, General Manager of Construction, 4 General Manager, high-speed train project technical staff members participating in the name of the Municipality of Sivas Mayor Sami Aydin, Vice Chairman Abdurrahim Ceyhan, Naci Suha, Zoning Director Erol Young and City Planner Ertugrul Aydin attended.

”The route of the train should not damage the city skyline“
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman made his first presentation about the high speed train lines within the city. Mayor Aydin touched on the sensitivities of the province of Sivas, conveyed the views of civil society organizations and the most important places in terms of the silhouette of the city, emphasized that it is important to pass the route.

Aydın then presented the municipality's proposal by showing how many roads cross the alternative routes on the map. After the technical teams made the necessary explanations, the two teams agreed to work together. It was agreed that the high speed train route would be in the city and the station would be made to the city with minimum error.

Technical units connected to TCDD construction department will prepare the details of alternative routes and arrive in Sivas in October.

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