Reaction to transportation to the island attracted

Admission to the island in response to the raise of the response: Adana Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transport Coordination with the decision of the transportation fees as of this morning, 30 and 35 hike was made. In the morning to learn the hike in the Adanalı laborers 50 penny peaked prices 2.25 response to the bus. Many of the workers waiting for service on the D 400 Highway, where the Akincilar metro station is located, have to pay the road money even for the service. Workers with minimum wages in Adana will pay at least 120 TL per month for transportation. For a family with 4, this means half the minimum wage.


Ramazan Yanar, who voted for the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Hüseyin Sözlü, who made propaganda with the slogan "We will rule the city together" in the local elections, says that he regrets it. He lived his life as a stickman at the minibus stop. kazanMoment Yanar, I was walking on the way from home, I was taking the subway on the way back, now I will walk on the way back. Should the people work for a sore throat?” he said.

Musa Soylu also works in a private company. Soylu who walked for a while to ride the service, the family is going to go with his own car when using the bus is expensive.

Expressing that he is an elevator operator, Murat Cengiz also takes the subway first and then the minibus to go to work. thousand lira per month kazanCengiz, who says that he does not have enough money, has to pay from 7.5 liras a day to 190 liras per month.


Didem Cengokaya, who works as an accountant in a private firm, says that this hike suddenly is too much. Expressing that transportation costs negatively affect the budgets, Cengokaya said, artık If we think that most people work at the minimum wage, people will have to live with 650 lyre etkil. Cengokaya said that they received the sensation that the service they were going to go to after the hike, they said, söyleyen Now we will give 4.10 liras when we go to work, and we will give 4.10 liras in return. We are the working people. They should not force us this way, Bizi he said.

Rahime Savar, who work in the same workplace as Cengokaya, said that he was shocked by the hike in the face of a raise by stating that he had learned when he got on the subway.


The Adana Provincial Organization of the Labor Party issued a press statement on the issue and asked for the withdrawal of the hike. It is emphasized that a person's monthly travel expenses will be 120 liras. Kim The place where the concept of municipalism which does not have a public opinion will be reached is political garbage Part said the following statement: lam We will not allow anyone to mock any of them as the Party of Labor. We call upon all our people to fight together to get transportation hikes back. Ulaşım


Reaching the retirement of the retirees came to the transportation. Turkey Retirees Association Branch President Seyfi İyiyürek, pulling back the hike, he asked to be brought to an appropriate level. Iyiyürek, said in a statement, before the election of mayors in their visit to a lot of promises, including the subject of transportation among them, he said. However, at the point reached today, they are very disappointed because of the surge in the IYurkan, li We are under the age of retired 65 unfortunately due to the very difficult situation, we wanted to download 60 age. Although 60 age application in various cities, this application was not done in Adana. This is not done on top of the new 33'ye on top of it, due to spending the rest of his daily life comfortably spend a thousand 40 thousand will make a big loss of our retirees around. Adı He said.

Stating that the hike should be brought back to an appropriate level, Iyurek said: şunlar We call the mayor and the bus and dolmuş presidents for a mission. Mazota has not been properly promoted since the last 1,5-2 year. Both the buses and the minibus are clear. We don't have any eye on their profits, but when we look at the number of passengers, the 33 increase is really big. We expect our presidents to put their hands on their conscience and make a good accounting and take back these hikes and make a more reasonable increase. Biz

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