Kastamonu will be ambitious in skiing

Kastamonu will be assertive in skiing: Governor of Kastamonu Günaydın examined the works carried out in Ilgaz Mountain Yurdun Tepe Ski Center. AK Party Kastamonu Deputy Gülşen, who accompanied Governor Günaydın, said, “I hope we will bring the most beautiful ski resort of the region to Kastamonu. kazanwe will go. We showed that Kastamonu is an assertive province in skiing,” he said.

Kastamonu Governor Şehmuz Günaydın, who received information from the authorities about the works carried out at Ilgaz Mountain Yurdun Tepe Ski Center, said, 'Everyone must comply with the provisions of this contract and it is not possible to change it after signing the contract. Altogether, we think to support and complete it as much as possible, as much as the laws allow us, and the contract. Because this is important for our Kastamonu, 'he said. Noting that in the Ilgaz Mountain of snow quality known by everyone Governor Morning, 'Ilgaz Mountain, Turkey is becoming one of the most important centers in practically. Snow quality, natural beauty, a region that is already in national parks is a very important investment for our region, especially for Kastamonu. We, as the Governor's Office, as the Provincial Special Administration, as the Governor's Office, as the Provincial Special Administration, with the contribution of the officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, together with the President of the Ski Federation, we all want to offer this facility to sports lovers who ski. 'he spoke.


AK Party Kastamonu Deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen, accompanying the Governor Günaydın, said, 'We showed that Kastamonu is an assertive province in skiing while this place was not on the table. It is a project that we started in 2012 with the joint contribution of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Tourism. First of all, we had a very difficult time finding the allowance for it. It has a price of 15 million. Thank God we found it under the conditions of that day and we started. We wanted to ski here last winter. But it is a difficult geography, there are certain difficulties. Despite these difficulties, today I really hope Kastamonu will have the most beautiful ski track of the region, the ski facility, the quality of snow and the one of the few ski resorts in Turkey as a track. kazanWe will go, 'he said. Stating that they will start skiing at Yurdun Tepe facilities before 2015, Gülşen said, "Let's announce Kastamonu to both Turkey and the world at the ski point. I wish this ski resort good luck to our country and Kastamonu,' he said.


Skiers in the Ilgaz Mountain Yurdun Tepe Ski Center will be able to skip the 493 mileage with continuous 4 meter elevation. Also the total length of the runway will be 6 mileage. It is planned to perform germination on the runway when the runway arrangement is completed.

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