Works on the Bay Bridge

Works on the Bay Bridge are in full swing: The 4 largest suspension bridge of the world will take place between Yalova Altınova District and Hersek Cape.
The 3.5 ′ reached. It is planned to open the bridge at the end of 4.
When completed the construction of the Bay Bridge, which will greatly relax the traffic between Istanbul and Kocaeli, the district governors and some mayors visited the main construction site in Yalova Altınova District. Altınova District Governor Nurullah Kaya, Thermal District Governor Selami Işık, Armutlu District Governor Bahadır Güneş, Altınova Mayor Metin Oral, AK Party Yalova Province Chairman Yusuf Ziya Öztabak, Altınova District Police Chief Hakkı Ayhan and Yalova Province General Assembly Members participated in the visit trip. gave various information about.
Thousand 400 People Work
2 people work as 1400 shifts in Bay Bridge construction. The work continues during the 24 hours when weather conditions are appropriate. When the construction work is finished, the bridge will pass 6 lane road and single lane maintenance road. The suspension bridge, built between Dilovasi and Hersek, will be the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world with a central opening of approximately 1550 meters. The edge openings of the bridge will find the 550 meter and the coarse height will reach the 64 meter. Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project will be 472 kilometers long. The project will start from the Gebze Bridge Interchange on the Anatolian Motorway with a crossroads to be formed after approximately 2,5 kilometers to Ankara and end at the existing Otogar Junction on the İzmir Ring Road.
On the exploration tour, two towers of the Bay Bridge at sea were about to be completed. The bridges on the two sides rise rapidly. When the bridge is completed with the towers, it is reported that the balance will be provided with thick wires. The bridge is expected to be open to traffic towards the end of 2015



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