3. Financing of the airport is ok

  1. Financing of the airport is ok: 4 Turkish bank 500er said yes to the euro-euro loan, while 4.3 billion-euro 5 billion euros were found

According to recent developments in the financing of the Third Airport, public banks were expected to receive 3 billion euros in loans, while private banks were expected to receive a loan of 1,3 billion euros.

According to the information reached by the economist, as a result of last week's talks, İş Bank, Garanti, Yapı Kredi and Denizbank in the consortium, in principle, said yes to the credit of 500er million euros. Thus, the support of private banks reached 2 billion euros. In this way, together with the credit commitments of state-owned banks, the figure rose to 5 billion euros. Along with the indirect guarantee of the Treasury, the package will be clear in a short time. The signatures of the members of the consortium will also be signed with the equity contribution.

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