2 thousand 24 TL penalty for each of the defendants of the train accident in which 300 people died in Kayseri

2 Thousand 24 TL Penalty for Train Accident Defendants, 300 People Died in Kayseri: Subcontractor company officers Ahmet Çıban and Hüseyin Şimşek, 2 thousand and 24 lira each They were sentenced to fines.

The accident occurred on February 2, 2013, at the level crossing behind Meysu in Keykubat District. 06 EG 528 license plate car, led by Fikri Sapayer, was dragged 22 meters as a result of the train hitting 65 thousand 125 voyages. Car driver Fikri Sapayer and Sami Aksoy, who were sitting next to him, died in the accident. TCDD's subcontractor related to the accident was allegedly not closing the barrier at the level crossing. A public lawsuit was filed against the subcontractor company manager Ahmet Çıban and the Kayseri responsible for the company, Hüseyin Şimşek, on charges of "causing the death of more than one person by negligence".

While the prisoner Ahmet Çıban, who was allegedly neglected in the accident in the 1st High Criminal Court in Kayseri, participated in the video conference system, the defendant Hüseyin Şimşek did not participate. Ahmet Çıban, who did not accept the accusations in court, said, “I was in prison on the date of crime. The company made me responsible for the crime history. There are 3 logistics companies there. How can I control the level crossing control while I am in prison? Why am I just being blamed? I trust your supreme justice, '' he said.

The last time the court examined the file about the two defendants separately 24 thousand 300 TL fine, also decided to make a criminal complaint about TCDD.

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