High Speed ​​Train Failure Is Not Cause Of Rain

Siemens YHT Train
Siemens YHT Train

Before the presidential election of BTS, he explained that the reason for the interruption or even stopping of the flights of the YHT, which was opened hastily, was not the 'heavy rain' as TCDD claimed, and the real reason was the insistence on using the transformer with insufficient power due to the opening of the line before the preparations were completed.

United Transport Employees Union, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train (YHT) 2 in August, the transformer explosion as claimed by the TCDD "heavy rain" was not announced. The line was opened before completion due to the insufficient power of the transformer in spite of the agreement in the TCDD by the union, indicating that the union, which causes an accident inviting the accident workers in the railway, he said.

BTS, the report previously announced before the presidential elections for YHT'nin prepared for the political show before the completion of the warning made, Prime Minister Erdogan's failure in the opening of the union had confirmed the opening. Finally, 2 YHT Köseköy departing from Ankara on August, the train departing from Istanbul, Izmit Station 3 hours were kept for hours. TCDD, delayed the rationale of the "transformer damaged by rain," he explained.

BTS made a written statement on the subject. In the statement, “The reason why high-speed trains fail at the same point and stay on the road is transformer explosion. However, the reason for the transformer explosion is not heavy rain as explained by the TCDD administration. As a result of the insistence on opening the line as soon as possible and opening the unfinished incomplete line, the transformer with insufficient power was accepted even though it did not comply with the terms of the contract. The hasty acceptance of this system was made even though the power of the transformer was insufficient. kazanis the main reason. Our employees, who object to this shortcoming, are asked to turn a blind eye to negativities under pressure, and those who do not accept are assigned outside the service.

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