Yıldırım: Corum will meet the high-speed train line before 2023

📩 30/11/2018 16:56

Yıldırım: Çorum will reach the high-speed train line before 2023. Deputy Murat Yıldırım, who explained that at the farewell reception of President Abdullah Gül, together with Çorum Deputy Bağcı, they met with the SPO Undersecretary and other officials about the high-speed train, which is the most important expectation of the people in our constantly developing city. reported that they will continue to be followers.

Justice and Development Party Corum Deputy Murat Yildirim, our city's dream for many years before the faster train will reach the 2023 said.

President Abdullah Corum farewell reception the previous day rose by deputy Cahit Bagcilar with DPT Undersecretary and other officials with the deputy Yıldırım said they found some consultations on high-speed trains, Corum is continuously developed, the village parallel to Turkey's development, reported that the removal of city infrastructure problems .

During the visit of the village headmen on the Çatak Recreation Area road, 2 will pass through Osmancık borders. Murat Yildirim, who made important statements about the highway project, said: ile We consulted with our Deputy Undersecretary and other officials with Cahit Bağcı in the presidential reception the previous evening. SPO Undersecretary stated that all the plans were made for Çorum to benefit from the high-speed rail network in 2023 and to finish the works until then. We, the MPs and organizations, care about this issue. We also know the expectations of our people. We are always a follower. Hopefully, the Çorum will be at the 2023 with a speed train. İn

Another beautiful development in the name of Çorum previously announced two highway projects will pass through the borders of Çorum deputy Yıldırım said; Eşik Important thresholds for the subject were exceeded. Studies are continuing rapidly. An important axis that will connect Europe to Central Asia will be through Osmancık. Second, our freeway will connect the Black Sea to the West via Turkey Corum. Corum this way east, west, north and south axis all over Turkey, Europe, Central Asia, one end of London the other end will have its provincial position on the rail network will reach up to China, "he said.

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