Domestic Production Trambus on the Road to Malatya

Domestic Production Trambus on Malatya Roads: The transportation system called E-Bus, T-Bus and O-Bus in Europe's favorite cities and which will be called Trambus in our country is now in Malatya.

Bozankaya The first two of the Trambus, which are produced by the Group in Ankara, met with Malatya. The system will be commissioned with the completion of the other vehicles on the production line.
Trambus in length by 25 meters in Malatya in Turkey, which signed a policy, working with purely electric Trambus will begin service in one of the main arteries of transportation.

Environment Friendly TRAMBUS ...

The 100 environmentally friendly Trambus, thanks to its fully electrical operation, saves an average of% 75 in terms of operating costs compared to other types of fuel.

Malatya Transport A.Ş., which carries out public transportation services in Malatya. (MOTAŞ) will also take over the operation of the Trambus.

Trambus will add vision to transportation with its comfort, aesthetics and magnificent design ...
Malatya Transportation Inc. (MOTAŞ) General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı stated that "Trambuslar, whose design belongs entirely to Turkish engineers and continues to be produced in Ankara, will add a vision to Malatya transportation with its comfort, spacious and wide interior design, aesthetics and silence."

Tamgaji; “We will do the Trambus business with the logic of light rail businesses. "We plan to transport 50.000 passengers per day if used at full capacity."



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