Jumping towers in Erzurum caused collapse

Why the jumping towers in Erzurum collapsed: The ski jumping towers in Erzurum collapsed. A landslide occurred on the track in front of the ski jumping towers built for the 25th World Universities Winter Games. The tracks in Erzurum have become unusable?

World University Winter Games in Erzurum's Palandöken center for the county in 100 million pounds of expenditure Kiremitliktepe built Turkey's first landslide since today morning was felt in the ski jump tower. Youth Sports Services Provincial Directorate conducted inspections by taking the AFAD teams to the region on the openings seen on the tracks in front of the two towers of 95 and 125 meters. The slopes that were determined to be landslides were disintegrated with landslides at 15.00.

In the winter season, the last 6 on July, the skiing National Team athletes jumping on the slopes of the slopes, which caused the earthquake in the environment created. There was no loss of life and no injuries.

The officials of the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports stated that the landslide started 3 days ago, so they did not allow the National Team to ski-jump. Pointing out that a team of engineers and specialists prepared a report by examining the landslide zone, the officials stated that the jump towers were also emptied in terms of precaution, “This is a natural disaster. There is no problem with construction. We evacuated the hotel and jumping towers as a precaution. Reports will be released in a few days. It is a great chance that Kayak is not collapsed while the national team is jumping. ”

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