Turhal Municipality car park asphalt patch vehicle wins

Turhal Municipality won the asphalt patch vehicle to the car park: Turhal Municipality won the car park asphalt patch vehicle.
An asphalt patching tool was introduced in a ceremony held in front of the Municipality of Turhal. Turhal Mayor Yilmaz Bekler, to provide faster and high-quality service to the people of Turhal said they continue to renew their car park. Expressing that the asphalt construction site has passed into natural gas, President Bekler stated that they will lay a thousand tonnes of asphalt in a six-month time period. We will put twenty-five tons in the tender way and we will make a patch work on the third arm. As you may appreciate, our asphalts are being excavated due to infrastructure works. Sometimes we have to scrape and patch our asphalt due to natural gas and sewage works. Here we have purchased the asphalt patch robot to make more professional patches. This tool is a tool that is prepared to make the patch work more professionally. It is a work done to make faster, more economical and more professional asphalt patches. Say goodbye to our Turhal. Tur



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