They caught the train when they stole the train tracks

They were caught red-handed while stealing the train tracks: 1 person who was trying to steal the iron rails removed from the railway renovation works in Tatvan district was caught red-handed.

In a statement made by the governor's office, gendarmerie teams, Benekli village of the district is reported that the rails in the direction of the railroad stolen.

In the explanations, the following statements were made:

“The gendarmerie teams, who went to the scene, found that the old railway materials, which were dismantled from the renewed railway line, were loaded by four suspects. In the pursuit initiated, the person named EG was caught red-handed at the scene. 25 sleepers and wheeled horse carriages were seized at the scene. The public prosecutor was informed about the incident, and the suspect of the incident was released following the receipt of the statement of EG in accordance with the instructions. "

The statement, the other three suspects reportedly continued identification studies.

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