Forget the tram, my people

Forget the tram, my people: ko visited our newspaper the day before.

After greeting everyone with his usual courtesy and grace, we went with our master İsmet Çiğit. sohbet He.

İsmet Ağabey wrote the details of this meeting yesterday.

Mr. President, when it comes to the issue of the tram, he said the following;

Hazır Tram related projects are ready. Finally, I want reports from the University, scientists. There are problems in the table. We have to get the tram through the Walkway. But scientists say that in the 15-20 year, all the sycamore trees by the Walkway could dry out because of this tram ç

Mr. President continues;

Var There is also very large infrastructure investments under the Walkway. For the tram, you have to take them out and put them elsewhere. Cost is rising a lot. The walk way is going to go away, if the century-old plane trees are going to be destroyed, it will be more reasonable to focus on the metro issue instead of this tram issue. Yürüyüş

And completing the words as follows;

Inde I think that there is no rule that every project promised during the election periods will be implemented. “

The words of these words are; From the tram, the procedure is given.

Also Mr. President says the right.

There is no such thing as promises and promises during the election period.

Monorail will run on the Yarımca-Derince-Izmit route.

Rail system.

Cable car.



A lot of similar promises were not kept, the words given were forgotten.

What happened then?

Mr. Karaosmanoglu almost doubled his vote and won the elections.

Even CHP and MHP on top of each other, the 10 difference made a tip.

AK Party people, before the local elections of 2014 tram to the city promised to come, they wanted to vote.

They brought one trolley and set it up at the Anıtpark.

They said the same will work in 2015 at the latest.

Again we believed.

Wasn't one of the biggest trumps for the Izmit elections at the shake?

The public is being created to give up now.


Like other words, it's forgotten.

Something doesn't change.

Although our people do not take the tram or the subway, they do not take advantage of the transportation facilities in the modern-modern cities, but the election day game of the game is given to the AK Party even though the fish is going to be used.

Honestly, the president is right; everything that is promised

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