Traffic lights will turn on even if electricity is cut

Even if the electricity is cut, the traffic lights will be lit: Corum Municipality will continue to burn traffic lights even in the event of a power failure due to uninterruptible power supplies placed at the intersections on the Ring Road.
Çorum Municipality is placing an uninterrupted power supply to the intersections on the Ring Road. With this application, it is aimed to prevent the possible accidents by keeping the traffic lights in constant use in any power outage.
The uninterruptible power supplies installed at the smart intersections were first implemented in order to relieve urban traffic. Upon an effective result, the municipality extended its application area and started to install uninterruptible power supply to intersections on the Peripheral Road. Even in the event of a power outage, these uninterruptible power supplies will be working without interruption over the 4 hour, indicating that a possible chaos will be prevented.
Deputy Mayor Turhan Candan said that they follow the technological developments closely, uninterrupted power supply application, signaling lamps will be expanded at intersections, he said.

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