Trabzon remained in fairy tales

Trabzon Railroad remained in fairy tales: The Minister of Trabzon who came to the promises of the politician's promises to stay with the words of the project only began to infuriate people in the region. Turkey's anywhere in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) that Ankara government shows that somehow the Eastern Black Sea region 1903 years of the famous Black will be able to go to the railway a rail track even put how deluded of Trabzon in the election promises. The stable silence of the AK Party, CHP and MHP deputies representing the region in the Parliament still continues.

For you, dear readers, you can fax to the Ministry of Transport so that the railway can come to the Region faster. Faksa only "Eastern Black Sea Railway is Waiting." Just use the expression

Ministry of Transport Fax number 0312 212 49 30


Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan;

Iz When we look at the highway and not only the railway, we have also provided revolutionary services. While building the highway, we have created the main axes connecting the west to the east. Our biggest shortcoming in Turkey were the axis road from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. We are creating a new axis 18 north to south. Black Sea to connect to the Mediterranean, the products produced in the GAP north, Black Sea, and then to the northern countries will be much faster. from Edirne to Kars with Turkey will eg network of railways. It's part of the Silk Railway. From Edirne to Kars, from Kars to Tbilisi, Baku and then to Kazakhstan and China. This line is very important for us. This sector in Turkey, which will complete expeditiously. YHT studies between Ankara and Sivas continue. After Sivas, there are Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars lines. We're gonna start making his production quickly. Izmir-Afyonkarahisar, Afyonkarahisar Konya-Karaman, Karaman, Mersin and Adana will do the line. This is a line that will extend to Habur. We have another axis to Van. When we look at the North South axes, Corum from Samsun is an axle reaching Çorum from Mersin to other provinces. There is an axle extending from Trabzon to Sanliurfa. In Elvan stressed that the railways would no longer be a monopoly of the TCDD, especially the works to ensure that freight and passenger transportation was carried out by the private sector. Bir Quite a comprehensive area. U Today, tomorrow, this year for a completely private sector?

Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici;

Hayati Yazici, who attended the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Trabzon and answered the questions of the council members, made statements on different topics. Yazıcı answered the question of a council member's railroad. Incan According to me, the railway should be built from Sarp to Trabzon before the Erzincan connection. It was both more economical and more important. Bö

Words in 2009

Dı High Speed ​​Train proje will be among the cities in Trabzon is attending.Demiryollar, Ports, Havameydanları Construction (DLH) General Directorate, Erzincan to Trabzon, Gumushane and Tirebolu to connect with conventional railway 1983'te Istanbul Technical University has made a project work. The project, which foresees a railway that follows the Hurşit Stream, foresees that high-speed train operations cannot be carried out, and that the General Directorate of TCDD plans to connect Erzincan to Trabzon with the arrival and departure high-speed train instead of the conventional railway. Then, the General Directorate of TCDD, which works on the vard Trabzon-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Project vard with Karadeniz Technical University, concluded that the Erzincan-Bayburt-Çaykara-Of-Trabzon route was more suitable for the project.


Within the scope of Erzincan-Trabzon High Speed ​​Train Project, it is aimed to cross the Eastern Black Sea Mountains between Bayburt and Çaykara by a tunnel with a length of 35. TCDD officials pointed out that the geographical conditions of the region will not allow the construction of high-speed train without opening the tunnel, and it is possible to build a railway tunnel with a length of 35 kilometers by means of construction techniques.

Due to the difficulties in the project route, the operational speed of the project is planned as 200 kilometers per hour. Two-line planned Trabzon-Erzincan high-speed line will be able to transport freight.

TCDD General Directorate completed the work for Trabzon-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Project and sent the feasibility reports to DLH General Directorate. The General Directorate of DLH will make the project tender for the Trabzon-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Project and determine the best route for the project in detail. Following the preparation of the project, DLH is expected to be awarded for the construction tender.


With the ongoing Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway projects, the construction of the Sivas-Erzurum high-speed railway project, which is planned to be completed later this year, will take 7 hours from Istanbul to Trabzon by high-speed train. The high speed train from Istanbul will reach Trabzon via Eskişehir, Ankara, Sivas and Erzincan.

TCDD officials, Istanbul, as well as the Eastern Anatolia and the Black Sea to connect the Southeastern Anatolia with the Trabzon-Erzincan high-speed train line will revive the region trade will increase in the port of Trabzon and freight transportation said.

More than the archives, we will remove the promissory promises and promises of lying to the opinion leaders of the so-called Trabzon, which cannot make a voice.

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