Selde is building the collapsed bridge

Selde is building the collapsed bridges with imece: The inhabitants of the village of Saçaklı of Bayramic are rebuilding the bridges that were destroyed by the flood.
The bridge, which provides access to the village of Saçaklı, which is 6 kilometers from the town center, was destroyed due to heavy rain in the winter months. Due to the shortening of the bridge to the distance to reach the village has become unusable, the villagers had to travel more than about 16 kilometers.
Thereupon, the residents of the village in an attempt to rebuild the bridge.
Mukhtar Cetin Tasdelen, AA correspondent, said in a statement, their own facilities, the bridge was destroyed due to heavy rainfall 15 years ago, they come together at the bridge again, he said.
Stating that they repeat this process 7-8 times in the process, Taşdelen said, “If we do not use the bridge, we travel 16 kilometers more to reach the district. We use this bridge to reach the lands of our village, go to the district center more quickly and save fuel. We cooperated with our villagers to rebuild the bridge, which was destroyed due to precipitation. ”
Taşdelen, some of the peasants in the construction of the bridge of money, some of the villagers and some of the work force is expressed by expressing support, said they want to complete the work by the end of the year.
Taşdelen expressed that they had spent a thousand pounds for 18 bridge construction so far and added that they need 10 thousand liras more.

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