Railway employee was sent off on his last trip to the railroad

Railway employee was sent off on his last trip to the railroad: Turkish Railways (TCDD) 41 years after serving as a result of illness and death of the deceased 63-year-old Namık Öktem, railed on his last journey.

Namık Öktem, married and father of the children of 4, retired after serving 41 years in various units of TCDD. Öktem, who couldn't regain his health despite the treatment in hospitals due to the disease he caught after his retirement last year, passed away last night.

A ceremony was held for the funeral of Öktem who was taken to the station building where he worked for many years after the noon prayer performed in the station mosque. Speaking at the ceremony of the Railway Workers' Union Chairman of the Branch of Dinçer Yilmaz Yilmaz, said that his friends gave him the most difficult task of life speech. He wished condolences and patience to the relatives of Öktem who spent most of his life on the railcars.

On the shoulders of his family, colleagues and loved ones, the funeral carried by Raybüse carrying passengers between Kars and Akyaka then headed for Asri Mezarlığine siren sounds. Approximately 500 meters were transported to the funeral vehicle and the funeral of the funeral carriage was taken to the Asri Cemetery. Namık Öktem was buried with tears and prayers.


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