The child who died in the electric car died

📩 30/11/2018 16:57

The child, who was caught in an electric current in the wagon, died: In the Kangal district of Sivas, the child, who was caught in an electric current in the train car, died.

According to the information received, Seymen Kaplan (12), who was trying to shoot a bird with a slingshot with his friends, went on the iron ore wagon of the freight train in the station while traveling on the rails at Çetinkaya Train Station. Seymen Kaplan, trying to reach the electric wires with his sling, lost his life by falling into electric current and fell on the iron ore.

After informing the garage officials, who was brought to the event by the 112 Emergency Service teams at the Kangal State Hospital, where the autopsy of the hospital after the autopsy of the University University Research and Application Hospital was removed. The investigation was launched.

It was learned that Seymen Kaplan's family came from Diyabakır to Kangal as seasonal workers.

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