The area around the Taurus Dolphin Emre Cultural Center is being asphalted

The surroundings of the Taurus Dolphin Emre Cultural Center are paved: The Yunus Emre Cultural Center, built on a 12 thousand square meter area in Halkkent District by the central Toroslar Municipality in Mersin, is highly appreciated for its Seljuk architecture and environmental order.
Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna, who examined the asphalt pavement works carried out on the road and in the car park on the eastern facade of the center, where the final touches were made by the Science Department teams, said that they will officially open the facility that will host cultural meetings as soon as possible. Mayor Hamit Tuna, who gave instructions to his technical team about the works carried out, stated that they have brought a very important and beautiful work to the Taurus and Mersin with its artistic value and Seljuk Turkish architecture. We have paved the road and the parking lot on the route facing Eşref Bitlis Street on the eastern front of our multi-purpose cultural center, which we built in an area of ​​12 thousand square meters in Halkkent District, with asphalt and made it more organized. We will open our facility as soon as possible, which has hosted cultural and social activities since the day we have offered it to the service of our people. This facility, where we will create awareness of Mersin, has been a very special and beautiful project. I wish our cultural center, which attracts great attention with its example of Seljuk architecture, to our Taurus and Mersin ”.



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