Fast train passengers in danger

High-speed train passengers are in danger due to explosions in the quarry. The police officer Kamuran Tan, who has been working as an explosion-proofing expert for many years in the field of explosives. said that the blasting in the quarry can damage the YHT passengers.

Tan, said the Geyve Strait, next to the D-650 highway located in the village of Akıncı stone quarry near the YHT line said that the safety of the train passengers are at stake, he said. In the quarry, occasionally 3 tons of anfo type explosives were used, and as a result of these explosions, a house-size rock broke off, he warned. YHT line 200-300 merde to the quarry. If YHT passes through the area where the furnace is located, it may be derailed due to pressure. In addition, the YHT line runs right under the steep slope. Due to the pressure caused by the explosion, the rocks that fall off the slopes may fall on the train. The last day of the explosion, YHT 15 minutes ago. In addition, due to the explosions in the previous years, the freight train derailed. Ayrıca


Tan, TCDD should take action on this issue, at least when the train passes the quarry to warn the blasting said. Explaining that the amount of explosives used in the furnace should be reduced as an explosive explosion expert, Tan said, uzman A new study should be done. Explosive license must be rearranged. It is also located on the NATO Pipeline, high-voltage lines and the D-650 highway. Close to these lines and in the long-term to avoid damage in the stove blasting should be limited and controlled. In addition, these lines should be re-examined against the risk. Ayrıca

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