Small Industrial Site will be paved as a thousand 800 meters road

Small Industrial Site in the thousand 800 meters will be paved road: Çorum Municipality, Small Industrial Site of the thousand-meter-long 800 meter, street asphalt renewal work for the street began 25. Some of the streets and streets were closed to traffic due to road works.
Corum Municipality, Mimar Sinan 11.Cadde has initiated the asphalt renovation work. Mimar Sinan 11, one of the most important transportation routes to Küçük Sanayi Sitesi. Alper Zahir, who said that there was significant relief in the traffic flow with the opening of the street, said that the 800 meter-long street with 25 meters will be re-paved.
Zahir stated that the Municipality of Çorum carried out road construction and asphalting works successfully during the 2009-2014 years. Büyük As Çorum Municipality, our teams continue to work asphalt in all parts of the city. While some asphalt pavement works in some areas, our patch works continue on the roads. Architect Sinan 11. We will complete our asphalt works on the street in a short time. Cad
Çorum Municipality asphalt crews Mimar Sinan 11. His work on Caddebostu is also appreciated by the tradesmen in Küçük Sanayi Sitesi.
As is known, ÇESOB Deputy Chairman Recep Gür and Chamber of Chamber of Auto mechanics and Necmettin Uzun, member of the Board of ÇESOB, also examined the asphalt works in the region and thanked Mayor Muzaffer Külcü on behalf of all tradesmen and craftsmen.


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