Siemens continues to produce YHTs

Continues the production of Siemens yht: the production of yht began as planned in June and starting on the date specified in the contract will be delivered to Turkey during the summer of 2016.

German technology company Siemens, which produces for Turkey 7 High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to bring the first of the set after Turkey announced the continued production of the remaining six high-speed trains.

Siemens, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will produce for 7 had delivered the first of his speed train sets. When the company started production of the remaining trains, it became a matter of curiosity.

Peter Gottal, Communications Officer of Siemens Infrastructure and Cities Sector Rail Systems Department, answered the questions of AA reporter on the subject. As planned 6 production of the new high-speed train produced for TCDD, indicating that began in June Gottal, the company's delivery of new yht will begin during the summer of 2016 and on the dates specified in the contract would be delivered to Turkey.

New yht of reminding Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia is a port city which is made in a factory in Krefeld in the state Gottal, production under another contract is completed when a high-speed train that this year moved to Turkey and this trend on current TCDD lines stated that it was tested.

Pointing out that TCDD attaches importance to comfort factor in new YHTs, Gottal said, “The new YHTs will meet the high level of comfort conditions for the passengers of TCDD. TCDD took into consideration the priorities of passengers in terms of providing transportation with high-class vehicles with YHTs with comfortable passenger compartments, high level of food and beverage services and internal multimedia applications. ”

Peter Gottal, pointing will create new YHT connections owned comforts competition in Turkey in the field of transportation, "Ankara - a new YHT connection line between Istanbul, compared to air travel will also have some competitive advantage," he said.

  • "We are confident that Turkey's Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is a great achievement"

Emphasizing that there is no change in the delivery planning and production stage of the trains, Gottal said that the project is continuing with the percentage planned as 100.

Gottal, who made evaluations about the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line opened last month by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said:

“Siemens closely monitors the new YHT opening process. Because Siemens is proud to have the chance to be a part of this comprehensive transportation project. We are confident that Turkey's Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is a great achievement and this development will make a positive contribution to the daily lives of Turkish people. "

Gottal has previously announced that a concrete order value for YHTs has not been officially disclosed, but a price in the range of 30-35m euros, depending on technical and power equipment, excluding service.

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