Emergency escape ramps are in service in Seydişehir

Emergency escape ramps are in service in Seydişehir: While the renovation was completed on the escape ramp built on the Seydişehir Antalya Highway in order to stop the trucks and tractors whose brakes exploded in Seydişehir district of Konya, the second escape ramp, which was started to be built, became operational.
Konyaâ € ™ in när ± n seydiåÿeh is ilã§e, brake exploding trucks and durmasä of çEkici ± när ± saäÿl to the seydiåÿeh with amacä ± Antalya Karayoluâ € ™ s what makes ± man kaã§ä ± Teams rampasä ± n renovations completed ±, while engaged ± The second run-off ramp, which started at the beginning, was also operational.
SeydiÅehir-Antalya Highway's 9. kilometer, and with the occurrence of accidents caused by the slope of the mountain in the region as a first planned in Konya, and then the construction of the Konya Highway Road Construction of the tender by the completed emergency exit ramp was put into service at 2007. In the year 2007 started the operation of highways in the emergency exit ramp, which is a graveyard grave due to the elimination of sand by unidentified people in the year. aytam ± ±. Highways A second exit ramp into the sharp corner on the immediate bottom of the emergency escape ramp as a result of operations carried out in the last zone. While constructing, the old waste ramp was reorganized and revamped.



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