Refreshing Selendi Roads

Refurbishment of Selendi Roads: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs teams, Selendi district center and connecting the neighborhood roads in the fields of asphalt, repair, satih covering and patch works began. Stating that it is important to work in terms of the citizens working in agriculture, the Department of Science Affairs Yilmaz Gencoglu, the districts of the study will have a new look, he said.
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs, Selendi district of the main arteries and connection roads to the repair work has begun. In the studies which have been going on for about a week, it was stated that the areas connecting Selendi district center and the neighborhood roads were asphalt, repair, satih covering and patch and maintenance. Providing information about the work done in the district of the Department of Science Affairs Yilmaz Gencoglu, Er Mayor Cengiz Ergün, Selendi gave instructions on the detection of deficiencies in our district. In this context, we started to work on repairing roads connecting the districts and their neighborhoods. This study is especially important for our citizens who are engaged in agriculture or who have to go to the district continuously and to come. Asphalt, satih veneer, patch, maintenance and repairs in a short time, we aim to save our county from dusty and damaged roads, Kısa he said.



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