Nostalgia tram in Sarajevo re-run down rails

Nostalgia tram on Sarajevo is on the rails again: In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the first tram flight in Europe was held, the first tram of 129 years ago was put on the rails again with a ceremony.

In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the first tram route was made in Europe, the "nostalgic" tram was put on the rails again, similar to the tram that performed the first tram route in 1885.

Within the scope of the 100th anniversary events of the First World War, a ceremony was held before the movement of the handmade tram built by the GRAS company in Sarajevo from Sarajevo Station.

Citizens will have the opportunity to travel in the city until 9 September by the tram called “Nostalgia”. In the tram decorated with photos from Sarajevo, Vienna, Budapest and Prague 100 years ago, an audio tour guide will also serve in English and Bosnian.

One of the organizers of the project, Hungary's Ambassador to Sarajevo, Jozsef Pandur, told AA that he was very pleased with the realization of your project.

Pandur said, “With this project, we wanted to take people back a century and remind us of the time before the First World War. The tram in Sarajevo was the symbol of that period, ”he said.

Salih Manyic, the machinist of the tram, noted that he had been working at GRAS for many years and that every machinist in the company could not use this tram. Expressing his happiness for using the tram, Manyiç pointed out that the tram was hand-made by GRAS masters.

  • Europe's first tram

Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was added to the Ottoman lands by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in 1463, passed under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1878. The Austro-Hungarian Empire, which took over in Bosnia, implemented various projects in the country. One of the projects was "Europe's first tram".

The tram, which will not be accepted by the public in his country, and as afraid that the expedition could not make the Australian-Hungarian authorities, the first time in the tram in Vienna, decided to do in Sarajevo.

The work started in 1884 in Sarajevo ended in 1885. The first tram, made of wood and pulled by a white horse, made its first trip on November 28, 1885, after sitting on its track.

The length of the rails of this tram, which was used for the first time in Europe, was 3,1 kilometers. The tram completed its flights in 28 minutes with 13 passengers from Ferhadiye Street to the train station. Since the rails are unidirectional, the horse coming to the last stop is tied to the other end of the tram and the trips are made in this way. The horses that pulled the tram were changed and rested every two times.

Ten years after 1885, when the first tram drawn by horses began to be used, Sarajevo gained its first electric tram. However, it took a long time for the Sarajevo people to get used to this tram. The public was afraid to ride these trams, which they called "the electric monster", for a long time. These trams, which were started to be used in 10, were replaced by new trams called "Washington" in 1895.

In Sarajevo, tram routes are still available within a distance of 20 between Ilica and Bascarsija. The most extensive public transportation is done by these trams.

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