First metrobus service in Samsun in June 2015

First metrobus expedition in Samsun in June 2015: Metrobuses that will operate between Tekkeköy Yaşar Doğu Indoor Sports Hall and Gar Junction, whose infrastructure is still in progress in Samsun, will make their first passenger flight in June 2015.

Stating that the Metrobus Project will end in the first half of 2015, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz stated that they are preparing to add a new vision to the public transportation system with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality as a local government. Noting that the teams show great effort and dedication in order to train the project on time in the Metrobus project, Yılmaz said, “We are continuing full of services we started before the election. We have many projects. One of them is the preferred way. We are about to finish the infrastructure of the metrobus transportation system, which will provide its results very well until June 2015, which will serve between Tekkeköy and Gar junction in the first place. We will finish the road construction next year. The project, with its vehicles, will be operational in June 2015. We are now shaping the backbone of this. When our citizens get on from Tekkeköy, they will be able to go to Shell junction and then to the university junction by tram. In June 2015, we will start the construction of the route between the university intersection and Dereköy. So in the next 2-3 years, we will definitely install the train system that runs in the east-west direction. Samsun so he will have gained a modern public transport spine running the longest beach in Turkey. " said.

Underlining that they will bring Samsun to the metrobus, one of the indispensable transportation comforts of modern societies, in public transportation, President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “Our city's life is gaining a new order, shape and format. Our change and transformation models in many areas are being implemented one by one. In order to integrate this new life with the city, we are implementing the metrobus or trolleybus type transportation, which is the previous version of the rail system in public transportation, with a capacity of 220 passengers, between Tekkköy Junction and Gar Junction. As long as humanity exists, our people will want better. We, the managers, are responsible for managing and fulfilling these demands in the best way possible. A new vision is created by giving hope to our citizens and raising the bar they jump every day, even when the demand of people slows down. kazanWe take a firm stance. Everything is for a happier future.” used the expressions.

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