Samsun Press and Tramway Newspaper

Samsun Press and Tramway Newspaper: Some or even most of the newspapers published by the private sector in Samsun are under very difficult conditions.

Some will endure as long as they can withstand some of them.

The author of these lines, always supporting the emergence of a newspaper, was extremely upset by the closure of a newspaper.

He'il always be upset.

The closure of newspapers for one reason or another may lead to singularity, as well as reducing polyphony.

As a result, the future will be dominated by the fascism that will not be democracy.

I don't know if they're up to me or why I've come into this.

Newspapers continue to live in difficult conditions, I said, but one of them leave the sale of free distribution continues.

This newspaper, which reaches to the people of Samsun at the stops of the Light Rail.

The name of this newspaper, which is being removed by SAMULAŞ, is TRAMVAY and besides its logo, there is olan Daily Newspaper, It is Free SAM.

The owner of the newspaper in the owner's place sah Samsun Project Transportation Zoning Construction Yat. Singing. Tic. Inc. On behalf of the Concessionaire Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz Yusuf is located.

It is written that the printing place is maktad A Journalism Distribution Advertising Publishing Industry and Trade Inc. maktad.

This country is governed by democracy and the newspaper is able to publish it as it wishes.

I don't have to say that.

So, what is this newspaper for?

That's what I can't understand.

Should not the activities and activities of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality be taken place in this newspaper that wrote every event in Samsun?

What about your brother Nahgi?

What about Brother Hadise's concert?

What do you tell your brethren?

The presence of stolen motorcycles in Bafra B

You wrote it all, mashallah.

This is the news I mentioned in the yesterday's issue of this newspaper.

But the real place news unfortunately does not exist in the newspaper.

However, in other newspapers in Samsun, the first was given to the first, the news, such as "news" news.

What is it?

Disposal of the dirt by the municipal officials at the beach of Atakum and leaving the sea in belediye .ok lik.

There is no news in this newspaper Bu

The public needs to hear the news, the public did not enter the sea, there is no news to be given to prevent epidemics duy

This is called med orientation Bun.

The name of this is to take sides and mislead the people.

I mean, you're not gonna publish the news that comes to your job.

This is why local newspapers should live.

For this reason, it should be announced to the people of Samsun that the tramway newspaper is suppressed by the printing press mentioned in Samulaş by the tenderer.

If this job is not announced, the people of Samsun should ask this account Bu

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