The Gospel of Asphalt and Infrastructure from Salman to the Roman Quarter

Salman From Roma Neighborhood Asphalt And Infrastructure Good News: Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman, Baglarbasi neighborhood and known as the Roma neighborhood in the region for years, the heralded that the infrastructure work will begin.
Emphasizing that there will be no mud this winter, President Salman gave information about the activities to be done.
Yalova Municipality in the works carried out primarily rain and sewer line will be renewed. Then asphalting will be done. Yalova Municipality Mayor of Yalova Vefa Salman stated that the procedures to be carried out by teams of Yalova Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs will be completed in a short time; Çamur In this neighborhood where 5 has not been nailed for years because of urban transformation, mud will not flow this winter. Our people will be able to walk around modern streets with infrastructure and asphalt. Tamamlanmış


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