Şahinbey Municipality Conducting Keystone Study in Vatan Neighborhood

Sahinbey Municipality is doing Keystone Study in Vatan District: Sahinbey Municipality, which conducts keystone and asphalt works together in the district, maintains its keystone in the streets where traffic is not dense and generally steep. Last 5 2 million 345 thousand square meters of area work on the keystone Sahinbey Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, continues to work in the neighborhood of Vatan.
Vatan District Headman Sahin Aslan expressed his gratitude for the keystone study conducted in their neighborhoods and thanked Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, the Mayor of Şahinbey. Mr. Şahin stated that they were satisfied with the works carried out by the Municipality of Şahinbey in their neighborhoods and said, Muh Our municipality teams are currently working in our streets with keystone and pavement works. How much we can thank our president. Because we have all kinds of service since taking office. Without the need to ask us to bring the service itself brings the citizen's feet, Bizim he said.

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